• Balkanium is a photography magazine about the Balkans that tends to connect people through stories, and photographers through collaboration on the magazine. The stories about different people and their traditions, culture and life that highlight interesting differences and similarities, will create a virtual bond here and platform where you can get to know each other and together create a more positive view of the Balkans and its spirit.

  • Jul142020

    Split 3

    “Everything happens in people, and the concrete is just recorded” -Dinko Kovačić   The city is very similar to man.…

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  • Jun192020

    “Great Expectations” / ”Velika očekivanja”

    In 2013, as part of DocuFest, which takes place every August in Prizren (Kosovo), a photography workshop called DocuPhoto was…

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  • May222020

    Behind a bottle of milk / Iza flaše mleka

    Agriculture is a very demanding job which requires absolute commitment. The Coronavirus, that the whole world is facing right now,…

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  • Apr282020

    Streets of Mostar / Ulice Mostara

      Mostar is a small city that people have lots of opinions about. It’s rich in history, a complete mesh…

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  • Apr112020

    Solitude / Samoća

      Solitude. The story documents the life of 80-year-old Cvija Dokić and the solitude she endured for more than 10…

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