Introducing Balkanium / Uvod u Balkanium

Introducing Balkanium / Uvod u Balkanium
January 20, 2018 Balkanium
In Introduction

Balkanium is a new photography blog that tends to connect people from the Balkans. It will be a magazine where photojournalists will share photo stories from their countries and educate people from different countries on the region’s rich cultural heritage, people, tradition, history, rituals, etc. Through time it will remind people of how much we have in common and how different we are at the same time. The photo stories on this blog will, in a subtle way, prove that in everyday life differences are not relevant, and that every change must start from the beginning, from ourselves.

Balkanium is the space where you can create and show positive and charismatic side of this region, which deserves to be shown and to be reminded of.

Photography & Text by Anđela Petrovski

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