Open call for photographers/contributors / Poziv za fotografe/saradnike

Open call for photographers/contributors / Poziv za fotografe/saradnike
May 12, 2018 Balkanium
In Call for contributors

Balkanium is a magazine that strives to build a brighter and more positive image of the Balkans through photo stories and reports about positive, interesting and good people by showing examples from everyday life, traditions and authenticity of every part of the Balkans.

This will be accomplished by connecting photographers from all countries in the region that will represent their country or its surrounding areas if travelling.

Balkanium will strive for that goal by being a photography blog that will nourish quality both in terms of photography and content.

The second, but no less important Balkaniums goal is to gather and form a team of photographers  (one photographer from each country) that will run the magazine together and that will one day evolve to a photographic club and editorial staff of the magazine.

Balkanium contributors should be very fond of this idea and interested in exploring the topics already mentioned. Contributors should be dedicated to similar topics and inspired by the Balkans and the beauty of the simplicity of life in order to present themselves faithfully and in order to truly appreciate their own work and publish their photo stories with joy and overall fulfillment.

Furthermore, the photo stores will not be published too often, because it takes time and a lot of effort to make a good story. The optimal number of posts is 2-4 per month.

Photographers are not obliged to make more than 2-3 photo stories per year (unless they have already made them and want to publish them).

In addition to the photo stories, the contributors can (and it is even desirable for them) be involved in other functioning areas of the magazine. They can come up with new ideas, suggestions etc. Finally, we would be grateful if they would be willing to participate in promoting the magazine on social networks.


The magazine is not intended for tourist and individual photos.


Interested candidates should submit the following:

  1. Portfolio, CV or any photo reportages (if they have them)
  2. Applications should be sent to


(The report form consists of a short descriptive text and a series of photographs)

  • the text should have minimum 1000 characters with spaces
  • 5-15 photographs
  • short biography


The call is open to all professional and semi-professional photographers and photojournalists from the Balkans whose work focuses on people, everyday life, tradition and culture.

Examples of photo reports can be found on the website:



Throughout its work, Balkanium, will go through different developmental phases, which includes seeking financial help and development support. This means that, in the future, there will be gatherings in the form of meetings and more serious gatherings  (presentations, exhibitions, festivals). The contributors should know that everything will be scheduled on time and that all group gatherings will be useful, fun and productive.

Although it is an online magazine, Balkanium is planning to publish annual prints in the form of a book that will include best photo stories. Finally, every year we will organize a group exhibition.


With any questions contact us here.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing and seeing your stories!



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