Balkan Corona Diaries / Call for short stories

Balkan Corona Diaries / Call for short stories
March 31, 2020 Balkanium
In by Anđela Petrovski

Dear photographers,

Balkanium is inviting You to share with us Your photos from corona isolation, in the form of a short diary.

I will share with You my project bellow, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a self-portrait.

Or keep in mind that self-portrait can be anything, it’s a wide theme.

Miniseries of each photographer will be shared on Instagram, and after the whole this period it will be in the form of a big article on the Balkanium blog, altogether.


Join me, join us and let’s make this period creative and show how different areas of Balkans are dealing with this situation and that we are all the same!


Send photos to







My project – Anđela Petrovski


First day of #coronavirusisolation i decided to make self portrait
everyday just to keep creating, making my photography game up, have fun and bring some CHALENGE spirit to it and discipline myself.

For me it’s healing in some way.



Few photographers started to follow (every day someone new)
this ‘‘challenge’’ and we are all together under our hashtags above.






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