Dear people, welcome to Balkanium!

Balkanium is a photography magazine that was started as a documentary photography master degree project in Belgrade, Serbia. Main intention is to show interesting moments of life and people of the Balkans, that will spread a bit more positive view of this region and life in general. Also, people and countries of the Balkans are not enough connected, beside classic media information’s that are mainly focused on political themes and events. We thought that we should build a platform where we can learn about each other more through photo stories about different people and themes around us. Professional photographers will be here to create that bond and platform.

Balkanium tends to make a team of photographers, one from each Balkan country. If You are interested You can read more here. Balkanium stories exist to try to break some prejudices, make someone’s day, and share quality information’s in the sea of others.


Translations – For now, texts are translated on english and serbo/croatian/bosnian language.


Anđela Petrovski

Photographer and Founder

Anđela Petrovski is born in Belgrade, Serbia, where she finished School of design and graduated on Faculty of applied arts in section of photography. She finds herself in analog and digital photography. Through her work and experiences,  she dedicated herself mostly to documentary photography. She was participant in many photo and art workshops, group exhibitions, and her solo exhibitions as well.